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We would like to extend to you a warm welcome to our Village and take a moment
to provide you with some important background information on Silver Lake Estates,
a residential subdivision of approximately 460 homes located within Silver Lake Village,

From 1875 to 1918 the area in and around Silver Lake was not a residential community
but was utilized as the site of the extensive and successful amusement park. When
Silver Lake Park
operations ceased, the owners of the real estate created a residential
subdivision known as Silver Lake Estates. The original owners/developers created a
Trust in 1920 and conveyed into this Trust certain real estate holdings comprised
of Silver Lake, most of its adjacent shoreline, Silver Lake Estates Park and other
real property. The Trust appointed five individuals to serve as the Silver Lake Estates
Board of Trustees and set forth the terms and conditions for the management of Trust
property. The deed for your home will indicate if it is part of the Silver Lake Estates
portion of Silver Lake Village. If your residence is located within Silver Lake Estates
you should be made aware of certain privileges and responsibilities you have as a
 residential property owner.

Silver Lake is private property managed by the Silver Lake Estates Board of Trustees
for the benefit of the SLE Lot Owners and their guests. The SLE Trustees are volunteers
and your neighbors. Silver Lake is generally open year round for a variety of seasonal
activities which include swimming, canoeing, kayaking, rowing, fishing, sailing, windsurfing,
volleyball, picnicking, ice skating, ice hockey and cross country skiing. The Silver
Lake Estates Park also contains a Boathouse, children’s playground, rowboats,
paddleboats and a fishing dock. Picnicking is a popular activity in the park during the
warmer months and picnic pods are available to be reserved for that purpose. Silver
Lake Park is also the site of the annual and timeless village-wide Silver Lake Festival
held the third Saturday in July each year by the Silver Lake Garden Club.

The SLE Trust empowers the Trustees to assess and collect annual assessments
from SLE Lot Owners to fund the operations and activities at Silver Lake and
the adjacent Park. Annual assessments for Silver Lake Estates are calculated
based upon a land valuation formula as required by the Trust.

In addition to managing all operations at the Lake and adjacent park, the Trustees
annually publish the Silver Lake Estates Newsletter and Rules & Regulations regarding
 the Lake and the Park. To secure the latest mailing in this regard, please contact
Craig Steele, CPA (330-929-4177) and copies will be mailed to you.

Silver Lake Estates Board of Trustees