SAFETY is our # 1 priority for you, your family and your guests while using the SLE Lake and property. Our 85+ year safety record was made possible by the full cooperation of our SLE property owners with the published SLE Rules and instructions provided by the SLE Lifeguard and Staff.

Please review the published and posted SLE Rules with your family and guests before they use the SLE property. As the SLE property owner you are expected to be with your guests and look after their safety . You are also asked to protect our quiet enjoyment of the Lake and grounds.

Swimming Rules

  1. NO talking to the Life Guards
  2. NO horseplay on the dock
  3. NO running on the dock
  4. NO pushing on the dock
  5. NO more than one person is permitted on the diving board or slide at any time
  6. NO swimming underneath the diving board or slide
  7. NO swimming outside of the roped off area
  8. NO diving from the dock, except from the diving board
  9. Non-swimmers are not permitted to use the diving board or the slide
  10. Obey all instructions provided by the Life Guards and Lake staff

Safe Kids’ other water-safety recommendations for children include:

  • Children who cannot swim should be within arm’s reach of an adult at all times.
  • Limit access to water sources in the home by installing and using appropriate safety devices, such as door locks and toilet latches, and by emptying and inverting buckets and wading pools immediately after use.
  • Children should be enrolled in swimming lessons which also address water-survival techniques by age 8.
  • Teach and enforce some general rules, such as always swim with a buddy and an adult present; never dive into a river, lake or ocean; and, if someone is in trouble in the water, call for help and throw something that floats to the victim instead of entering the water and trying to save the victim.