Rules & Regulations – SWIMMING IS CLOSED until opened at the directive of the Summit County Board of Health (anticipated opening May 26th)

  1. Swimming is restricted to the bathing beach area and only when life guards are on duty.
  2. Lake Swimming: With advance approval of Park Management, one (1) swimmer may swim across the Lake when accompanied by a row boat manned by one (1) qualified SLE Lifeguard. Lake management will coordinate the day and time when a Lifeguard is available. Lot owners are not permitted to make lake swimming arrangements directly with the Lifeguards. Lifeguards are employees of SLE and are compensated and insured by SLE.
  3. No one shall talk to the Lifeguards while they are on duty, except when necessary for safety purposes and during breaks.
  4. All Lot Owners and guests must obey all safety rules and instructions given by the Lifeguards and Park Management.
    Floating devices are only permitted between beach and the first north/south float line.
  5. No running, pushing or other horseplay is permitted on the Lake or in the Park.
  6. Only one (1) person at a time is permitted on the diving board or water slide.
  7. All swimmers under the age of twelve (12), must be supervised by an adult.
  8. Individuals, regardless of age, may be asked to take a swim test.
  9. The Lifeguard on duty has the right to determine the competency of the swimmer.