Water Quality

Water Quality Flagging System

A flag (Red, Green or Yellow) will be posted on the main swimming dock every day during the swim season. These flags will advise park users of the daily water quality.

Red Flag indicates: STOP! Do Not Enter Water

An algal bloom has been detected with toxins associated with hazardous blue green algae.

Yellow Flag indicates: A swimming advisory

Swim at your own risk: swimming safety cannot be guaranteed If you do go in the water, do not swallow the lake water. Swimming is not recommended for children, pregnant or nursing women, those with certain medical conditions and pets. Shower at the swim dock or boathouse shower or at home after swimming

Green Flag indicates: GO!

The water quality is at or better than the recommended levels by the Ohio Department of Health.

For more water quality information look at the bulletin board posted at the boathouse. All test results will be posted as we receive them