Rules & Regulations

  1. 2020 UPDATE Boats:
    It is highly recommends all guests practice CDC social distancing guidelines when using SLE watercraft and only boat with family members or members inside your circle of trust
    Oars and boats will be sprayed with disinfectant between each use
    Personal Floatation Devices (Lifejackets) must be provided by the boater – PFDs will NOT be supplied for 2020
  2. All boaters under the age of sixteen (16) and all persons who have not passed a swimming skills test provided by Park Management regardless of age, shall wear a U.S. Coast Guard approved type-one, – two or —three personal flotation device (PFD) at all times while on watercraft. At least one type-one, – two or —three PFD per person shall be carried aboard every boat at all times while on Silver Lake.
  3. From Labor Day to Memorial Day all boaters are required to wear a PFD.
  4. Boating, canoeing, sailing, wind surfing, stand up paddle boarding, etc. is only permitted during Park hours.
  5. Boating is only permitted outside of the swimming area.
  6. No motorized or power boats are allowed on the Lake except for: (1) electric trolling motors and (2) as authorized by the Park Management or by the express written permission of the SLE Board of Trustees.
  7. No Canoes, sailboats, rowboats, wind surfers or boats of any kind can be stored on SLE property except those moored in the lake adjacent to or in the Boathouse.
  8. Lot Owners may launch a boat from their SLE lakeside lots, but water craft shall not be moored in the lake or partially in the lake (All SLE Rules apply including the use of life jackets.)
  9. Boats stored on SLE lakeside lots should be kept out of sight as much as possible.
  10. All watercraft of any kind and watercraft accessories stored in or next to the Boathouse must be marked with the SLE Lot Number and/or the Lot Owner’s name.
  11. Lot Owners bear the sole responsibility for all watercraft and accessories stored at the Boathouse or moored adjacent to the Boathouse. Neither the SLE Board of Trustees, Park Management or other employees or agents are responsible for any theft, loss or damage sustained by any watercraft or accessories or other property stored in or adjacent to the Boathouse.
  12. Occupancy of any water craft shall not exceed the manufacturers or the U.S. Coast Guard weight and personnel rating.
  13. All boaters under the age of twelve (12) must be accompanied by an adult including rowboats, paddle boats, wind surfers, stand up paddle boards and other water craft.
  14. Lot Owners interested in securing a boat storage space may do so by registering in advance with Park Management at the Boathouse.
  15. Park Management will conduct a drawing on August 15th to determine which Lot Owners are entitled to occupy a boat storage space for the coming year beginning September 1st.
  16. Park Management shall determine when boats may begin to be moored in Silver Lake in the spring and when boats may no longer be moored in Silver Lake in the fall and shall post these dates in advance on the bulletin Board at the Boathouse. No boat may be moored in Silver Lake between the fall and spring dates so established.
  17. Lot Owners and guest boating from the boathouse or boat ramp must first sign-in at the Boathouse.
  18. The use of inflatable boats must be Coast Guard or Park Management approved.